Freaky Friday Volume 1, Featuring Vistalago Mezcla Blanca


Freaky Friday, Vol. 1: Vistalago Mezcla Blanca, Valle de Maule, Chile

Welcome to our first edition of Freaky Friday – where (on Fridays) we feature new, exciting, and different wines that we have available in the shop! Our goal is to feature some unique and “freaky” wines made from lesser known grape varieties, or from lesser known wine making regions, or both!

This week our featured wine is Vistalago Mezcla Blanca, a Chilean white wine blend made in the Maule Valley. This sub-region is located in the southern portion of the larger Central Valley region of Chile. It’s location between the Andes mountains to the East and the coastal range to the west, gives the region warm to hot summer days with fairly drastic temperature drops at night. This large diurnal range during the growing season allows the grapes to reach full ripeness while also maintaining fresh acidity and bold aromatics.

Now for the makeup of the wine!

Riesling 55% / Chardonnay 25% / Torontel (Torrontes) 15% / Semillon 5%

For the most part, these grape varieties are exclusively used to produce single variety wines, not blends, so we’re already off to a freaky good start! Blending highly aromatic grapes with pronounced flavors (Riesling/Torontel) along with more neutral grapes (Chardonnay/Semillon) provides a wonderful balance of flavor and complexity without being too intense one way or the other. Riesling is well known for its racy acidity and pronounced aromas and flavors which are brought in check by the addition of the less acidic Torontel and Chardonnay grapes. The Torontel contributes more fruity peach flavors and floral notes, while the Chardonnay brings tropical fruit and body to the overall wine. Lastly, the pinch of Semillon contributes subtle herbaceous qualities and also works to smooth out the wine.

All in all, at $17.99 per bottle, this exotic blend of grapes from Chile definitely delivers! Bright, tropical, and aromatic, without overwhelming the senses, it is a delight for anyone looking to step outside of the box and try something new.

Grab a bottle and check it out, but stop in quick, we’ve only got a few bottles left!

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