Freaky Friday Volume 4, Featuring: Domaine Lupin ‘Frangy’ Roussette de Savoie


Freaky Friday, Vol. 4: Domine Lupin ‘Frangy’ Roussette de Savoie, Savoie, France

Welcome to Freaky Friday – where (on Fridays) we feature new, exciting, and different wines that we have available in the shop! Our goal is to feature some unique and “freaky” wines made from lesser known grape varieties, or from lesser known wine making regions, or both!

Today we’re featuring the medium-bodied and complex white wine from Domaine Lupin. Located in Savoie, France, the vineyards of Domaine Lupin are just southwest of Geneva, Switzerland in the foothills of the French Alps. Roussette de Savoie in particular, refers to the A.O.C. and can only be used for labeling wines made from 100% Altesse grapes within the Roussette de Savoie region! Additionally ‘Frangy’ refers to the cru level vineyard from where the grapes are grown.

Though it is a mainstay of the region, Altesse (sometimes referred to as Roussette) is a rare variety that boasts aromas of honey, citrus, almonds and sometimes some herbal or floral aromatics. In this particular wine, expect aromas of honey, yellow apples, almonds and a faint hint of violets and fresh fennel bulbs. The palate of this wine shows similarly to the nose with big flavors of crisp yellow apples, honey, and almonds with an added splash of nectarine. The wine remains surprisingly bright on the palate and its bold, yet balanced acidity and refreshing mineral notes make for finish that keeps on giving!

Grown in a five hectare vineyard on the southern face of the Les Aricoques hillside, the grapes used for this wine receive ample sunlight and protection from the cold northern winds. This prime location allows the grapes to ripen evenly, giving full fruit flavors while still maintaining refreshing acidity and balance. Additionally, calcareous soils left from years of mountain erosion amplify the pleasant mineral undertone of this wine. Domaine Lupin ‘Frangy’ Roussette de Savoie is a wonderfully complex wine that can keep you guessing flavors and aromas for days BUT, it’s also an easy-breezy wine for those who are not quite so heady when it comes to what they are drinking! It’s a great option for those who like dry styles of Viognier, dry Alsatian Rieslings, or moderate climate Pinot Grigio/Gris. Available now for $21.99 a bottle.

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