Freaky Friday Volume 5, Thanksgiving Edition Featuring: Montinore Estate Vivacé Sparkling Wine


Freaky Friday, Vol. 5: Montinore Estate Vivacé Sparkling Wine – Willamette Valley, Oregon

Welcome to Freaky Friday – where (on Fridays) we feature new, exciting, and different wines that we have available in the shop! Our goal is to feature unique and “freaky” wines made from lesser known grape varieties, or from lesser known wine making regions, or both!

This week, in preparation for Thanksgiving, we’re featuring the perfect sparkling wine to pair with your turkey dinner! This unique sparkling wine is made from a blend of Gewurztraminer, Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris and Riesling — all common German and Alsatian grapes that thrive in cool climates, making the Willamette Valley in Oregon a perfect home!

Known for their robust aromatic qualities, Gewurztraminer and Riesling impart aromas of lychee, orange blossom, and peach to the wine. The Müller-Thurgau (a variety created by the crossing of Riesling and Madeleine Royale grapes) also adds floral qualities and green fruit but with slightly less acid than a true Riesling. Then, throw in some rounded notes of almond, stone fruit, and honeysuckle from the Pinot Gris and you have a well-balanced, not too acidic and not too sweet, blended white wine! Throw in some bubbles and you’ve got yourself a sparkler that is sure to dazzle at the dinner table.

Made in an off-dry style this wine will display floral and honeyed aromas on the nose with bright citrus fruit flavors and hints of spicy ginger (from the Gewurztraminer) on the palate. The bubbles add a refreshing burst of energy and crispness that is followed by a long finish with notes of baked apples and allspice. Perfect as an aperitif, this wine is also a banger when paired with traditional Thanksgiving fare like turkey and stuffing. Bright acidity with a touch of sweetness and spice makes this wine a great match for a variety of dishes so if you aren’t having a traditional dinner, have no fear! Oh, and it’s also certified organic and biodynamic and comes beautifully labeled too! What’s not to love?

Available now for $22.99/bottle.

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