Monthly 6 for $60 Wines

Each month we select 6 of our favorite value wines and feature them all month long in our 6 for $60 deal. Buy any 6 mix and match bottles of these featured wines and receive 10% off, bringing the total to $60 (pre-tax). Additionally on the first Saturday of each month, the 6 for $60 wines are featured in our wine tasting, giving you a chance to try before you buy! (To see tasting notes for this month’s wines, check out our Monthly 6 for $60 page.)



Mixed Beer 6 Packs

Every month we put together a mixed 6-pack featuring six of our favorite craft beers, in a variety of different styles and flavors. Each mixed pack has a monthly theme and with our broad selection of beer styles, trying new beer doesn’t seem so scary! In addition, we have a selection of single bottle beers for purchase one at a time, or you can make your own six pack and save 10% on each single bottle. (To see a list of the current Mixed 6-Pack beers, check out our Monthly Mixed 6-Pack page.)



Weekly Tastings

Each week we host free beer, spirit, and/or wine tastings to help you get know the products we have in stock. At each tasting, we strive to teach you a little bit more about the craft behind each bottle we pour, along with some insight into the flavor profiles you can expect to find. To find out more about what we’re pouring, stop by our upcoming tastings page, or check out the calendar below!