Moletto Gin Tasting

Enjoy the fresh flavor of Moletto Gin - blending earthy, savory old world gin with the the bright notes of sun ripened Italian tomatoes! Perfect for adding a twist to your favorite gin or vodka cocktails. And don't forget - our tastings move back to 3pm - 6pm for the autumn.  

Spirits Tasting with Vikre Distillery

Minnesota based Vikre uses the freshest, forest picked botanicals to make compelling gins that feature more than just juniper. Plus, enjoy their take on aquavit, with plenty of toasted caraway character - SKOL!

Spirits Tasting with KO Distilling

KO Distilling is a locally sourced distillery in Manassas, Virginia. The passion project of Bill Karlson and John O'Mara debuted in 2013 - after years working together in the Merchant Marine and Navy Reserves.