Tasting: Wines of the Pacific Northwest

The states of the Pacific Northwest might not have the oldest vineyards in the US, but they may be the hardest working. Come taste the wonderful sense of terroir imparted in every bottle that hails from Oregon, Washington, and the surrounding areas.

Chilean Wine Tasting

Chile is an upcoming wine region, featuring New World takes on Old World varietals. With bold flavors and a distinct terroir influence, we hope Chilean wines become a regular member of your cellar!

Summertime Wines

A broad selection of wines from across several notable wine regions – all to help transition your cellar from summer to autumn.


Picnic Wines


Come by to try a selection of wines that are perfect for summer picnics in the sun! We’ll have rosé, light whites, and light reds that will pair swimmingly with light sandwiches or a summer salad.